New Closing Time

New Opening Hours

These are extremely challenging times for all of us.  We are happy that the measures imposed by the Government of St. Kitts-Nevis appears to have currently stemmed the tide of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the recent change in the curfew schedule, we will happily be opening later daily going forward.  As of today, Monday, June 15th the last delivery order will be  9pmSome locations may be open a little later for pickup orders.  We will continue to review with the plan of opening even later as more restaurants choose to stay open closer to the previously normal 10:30pm closing time.

The number of restaurants choosing to stay open is fluid, but you can click here for the Who’s Open page, which should always have a list of restaurants available at the time of ordering during opening times.  Due to the shifting landscape, we have disabled advanced ordering to avoid additional confusion.  In addition, we continue to employ the highest standards of hygiene and practices as described here:

We wish you very well during these difficult times and urge you to continue to follow all of the expert advice regarding personal safety and heed the requirements placed upon us all by the Government.